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After years of experience and a constant industrial development that has taken us to the world leadership´s markets CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD offers a complete line of brake discs up to our position and market demands as well. We offer a high quality line of brake discs built to bring to your vehicle the maximum standard in safety and care.

Our brake discs have been developed with iron alloys that improve their capacity to dissipate temperature, increasing the durability of the whole brake system, avoiding malformation caused by extremes circumstances of use.

In our brake discs we use DRYOIL technology, avoiding use and posterior discard of chemical products harmful for the environment.

Flatness and parallelism are of pivotal importance for the right functioning of our discs. In our case, we specify tolerance and dimensional margin to the minimum, casting out favorable values in DTV (Disc variation value) and wards. The result is a final product free of annoying vibrations while driving it and/or the “judder” effect.

  • Ready to install – no mechanics required
  • Antioxidant layers
  • Mill-balanced for proper function of the rotor
  • Finish of the non directional surface of braking for consistent braking.
  • Dry anti corrosion protection
  • Anticorrosion protection is ecological; disc does not need to be cleaned.
  • Form the first braking, there is an excellent friction coefficient
  • More and better safeness in the braking.