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The copper spark plug, enable a complete combustion because allows the spark to fill in the whole vacuum created by the construction form of our spark plugs. The spark that ignites in the groove, develops into a bigger and warmer flame front that virtually remove excessive dirtiness and erratic outbursts caused by poor fuel mixtures.

Our ignition spark plugs use a unique electrode with earth connection and channels, designed to generate a bigger spark core at the ignition point. A bigger spark energy means a better spark trail and a more complete, consistent and useful combustion.

  • The connection to earth electrode design ignites poorer mixtures of fuel than traditional spark plugs are not able to ignite.
  • The precision rolled threads reduce the stiffness in the delicate aluminum heads
  • A wide variety of pieces for hundreds of applications, including classical and collectible vehicles.

It really does not matter the type of spark plug that you prefer (the ones with less functioning time but better conduction, conventional spark plugs, iridium or platinum) our spark plugs offer you the best materials and bigger precision adjustable to each car or truck in the road. If performance is important for you, don look further, you must choose our spark plugs.