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The wheel cylinder transform hydraulic pressures into a mechanic work, same as the caliper (or calibrator) but unlike this, works in the drum brake.

CHENGGONG INDUSTRY CO, LTD provides the wheel cylinder brake with a valve to regulate brake pressure. This valve combines the functions of a pressure brake regulator valve (usually located at the back axis of the vehicle) and the brake cylinder of the wheels in a unique element.

Our wheel cylinders are built to endure extreme temperature conditions and variation on pressure. With a rigorous inspection procedure, all of our wheel cylinders meet the pressure tests before going out of the plant and, with more than 470 part numbers; (including aluminum and molten iron) the range of wheel cylinders offers a complete coverage.

  • Set weighs less.
  • The response time of the regulator valve of brake pressure, gets better.
  • Produced, according to specifications of original equipment, in both steel and aluminum.
  • Suitable for Americans, Asiatic and Europeans vehicles, and specially referenced for Latin America vehicles.
  • Provides excellent mechanic stability at the moment of braking offering more safeness to the passenger.