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The range of brake pads in the heavy duty´s series has been designed to comply with the requirements of industrial vehicles. Being the result of a continuous investigation and development carried out for professional experts, these pads are the result of an exhaustive test program and are the best option for heavy weight vehicles.

After a careful raw material selection and a painstaking control quality of the production process, the heavy duty brake pads is the result of a friction material able to endure the most severe and extreme performance conditions.

It consists essentially in a metallic fiber formula. Was developed specifically to be used in vehicles in which braking conditions are much more demanding whether because of frequency or intensity such as public transportation. These pads offer a better resistance to higher temperatures and maintain a safer, hassles free braking.

The pads are produced in automatic mold presses deep. This process ensures a totally controlled procedure in which temperature, pressure and press time for each and every pad is completely monitored.

This technology ensures a uniform production and a higher quality level:

  • Low content of organic elements.
  • Correct dosage of mixtures.
  • Prevent early wear and tear.
  • Stable friction performance.

The uniform dosage prevents cracked of friction material

All friction components are mixed together and are homogeneously bind.

  • Exclusive anti chirps in all our products.
  • Longer life to the brake and less wear and tear of brake disc
  • Optimization of vehicle´s system´s brake.
  • Offers high brake potency, confidence and security
  • Offers fast braking and minimum accommodation period.