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The ceramic´s brake pads offers a superior brake system to all brand and vehicle model.

The ceramic´s pads are built with ceramic composite and copper fibers instead of steel fiber used in semi metallic pads. This form of construction allows the ceramic pads to control the fatigue which is the tendency of the brake system to debilitate when is put trough high temperatures and, also allows the brakes to recuperate sooner after vehicle stop. In addition, ceramic pads create less dust and prevent normal wear and tear of the pad and the disc. In terms of comfort, ceramic pads friction material brings a softer brake process due to its ability of reducing noise. Ceramic pads generate a noise frequency which is not perceptible to the human ear.

Our ceramic´s brake pad works clean, silently and gets a little wear. Their secret lies in a composite built of innovative fiber technology. During brake system a “transfer film” is created which causes the brake not to perform over the brake disc but on this “transfer film”, reducing significantly the wear of the brake pad.

  • Exclusive anti chirps in all our products.
  • Wedge with anti noise technology to avoid noises and enlarge life cycle.
  • Life cycle between 50,000 to 60,000 km (WARRANTY OF TOTAL REPLACEMENT AT 20 000 KM OR ONE YEAR).
  • Great durability (brake useful life) and good braking.
  • Minimum noise and vibration. Reduction of over heating.
  • Less dust and wear in brakes and rotors.
  • Smooth, quiet braking.
  • Brakes with slots and chamfers to get a better bite and heat transference.